Wedding Videographer

Eightzero2 Productions strives to capture your story.

Whether filming weddings, special events, business commercials or
web content videos, Eightzero2 will highlight what sets you apart.

When filming a wedding, our videographers capture the essence and feel of the day. Many
times couples getting married miss out on what their guests experience. Through our lenses we
highlight the pieces and parts you may have missed along with capturing all the key moments.

Producing commercials and business web content videos Eightzero2 strives to deliver the message
each business is looking for. Whether it’s testimonials from clients or pinpointing a direct message
about a particular service, we don’t stop until the final product is perfect.

Filming events gives us the opportunity to showcase the hard work of others. From recitals to talent shows,
our cameras capture the moment as it happens. In postproduction we add high-end graphics to
give your video a high-quality, personal feel.

Amanda Wheeler | Mendon, Vermont
Owner - Videographer - Editor - Producer
802-345-3670 | E-MAIL


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