Video Thoughts

The Generational Keepsake

When considering whether or not to make the investment in having a videographer capture your day, there should be only one question you ask yourself. In 10 years, will I want to re-watch my wedding day? Every couple I’ve posed this question to immediately answers with “yes”. So, why make a videographer be the last vendor you hire? I hear this all the time, “If we have enough money left in our budget we will hire a videographer.” I get it. Weddings are expensive. But, think about this – if you choose to have a child how amazing would it be to share what your wedding day was like with them? Let them witness the sentimental moments, the moments that made each one of you tear up or Uncle Sal’s speech that no one other than him and you understand? It’s all those moments that make reflection of the day so meaningful. Invest in it. It is a generational keepsake of your history that can be passed down forever.