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Focus on the Present

“If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?” – Nanette Mathews

This is exactly how we feel about capturing weddings. We want the couples we film to enjoy and be present in every second. The bonus for us is we get the privilege of capturing moments they may have missed. To hear back from clients that they were in tears watching our films is the greatest compliment. It means, we did the job you hired us to do, capture the love and light! 

We love being a fly on the wall during the pre-ceremony moments, when the makeup is being reapplied, hair pins getting caught on the veil or on a dress, the groomsmen making their best attempt at putting on a boot-in-ear. These moments are glimpses at what many miss on your wedding day and provide comic relief after the fact. Give us a call and chat with us about capturing these moments you don’t want to miss!