Creativity is my fuel. I love to experiment with new concepts, ideas and styles. My fuel is nature. Growing up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I spent nearly every waking hour outside. It is where I fostered my desire to live a life not behind a desk 9-to-5 but out in the World.

In addition to loving nature, I have a passion for helping tell the stories of others. As the daughter of a small business owner, I learned early on that everyone has a story. Now, a goal of mine is to seek out those stories and share them.

I have nearly two decades of experience. For years I worked for news organizations, producing newscasts. I’ve been in-front of the camera and on the anchor desk. Today, you’ll find me behind the camera, scoping out imagery to tell a story rather than behind a computer screen writing one. 

Reach out if you are interested in creating your next chapter with me. 

Cheers, Amanda