Everyone in life has a story compiled of chapters written by moments woven through time. One of my passions in life is to help people capture a part of their story and then provide them with something tangible that they may revisit countless times and share with others. My friend Anna, believes that one of our greatest powers as humans is memory. It’s my greatest goal in life to be able to capture memories or moments for people and to do so in a way that instantly brings them back to the day or the time experiencing the same feelings and emotions as if it that moment was happening right then.


 I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, which instilled a love of nature and an appreciation for the outdoors. This appreciation morphed into an urge to explore more of the world. The ability to travel, is one of my most cherished gifts in life. The honor in experiencing new sights and cultures is one I do not take for granted as it always reminds me that you can find beauty in everything.  My Vermont roots coupled with my travel experiences allows me to scope out imagery that combine peoples’ stories with the world surrounding them, to help paint a full picture.


With nearly two decades of experience in many different settings, I have strong foundations both in front and behind the camera. The perspective of both sides of the lens provides me with a full understanding of how and what makes a good shot, which allows me to eloquently tell your story. Being a creative person, I also love to experiment with new concepts, ideas’, and styles. I happily work with people to think of new or different ways to help them tell their story exactly how they want.


I’d love to get to know you and your story. Reach out, and let me know how I can help capture your next chapter.

Cheers, Amanda