With a decade and a half in the videography business, broadcast and beyond, I have discovered a true passion for telling the stories of others. Whether its an organization making a difference in their respective fields and community or a blushing bride getting ready for the day of her dreams, I love to tell it all.

When filming a wedding, my goal is to capture the essence and feel of the day. Many times couples getting married miss out on what their guests’ experience. Through my lens and those who work alongside me, my team highlights the pieces and parts couples may have missed throughout the day.

With a knack at finding your nitch, producing commercials and web content videos for businesses allows me to highlight your positive assets! Whether it’s testimonials from clients or pinpointing a direct message about a particular service, I won’t stop until the final product is perfect.

Filming events gives me the opportunity to showcase the hard work of others. From recitals to talent shows, my cameras capture the moment as it happens. In postproduction I add high-end graphics to give your video a high-quality, personal feel.